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1. Powerful Performance:

  • PH-001 Trade Mill is crafted for peak performance, making it the perfect companion for achieving weight loss goals and boosting endurance.


2. Space-Saving Design:

  • Featuring a space-saving folding design, this treadmill doesn't compromise on reliability or sturdiness, offering convenient storage without sacrificing performance.


3. Daily Workout Targets:

  • Tailored to help you achieve daily workout targets, this treadmill becomes your gateway to a happy and healthy life, enabling you to reach new fitness milestones.


4. Wide Running Belt:

  • Boasting a generous running belt dimension of 400 x 1100mm and a 12mm thick running board, this treadmill provides a spacious and secure platform for your workouts.


5. Pro Cushioned Belt:

  • The multi-layered pro cushioned belt not only reduces stress on your knees but also absorbs sudden shocks, ensuring a smooth and comfortable exercise routine.


6. Grass-Like Texture:

  • The belt's unique grass-like texture imparts an outdoor exercise experience, elevating your workout with a touch of nature.

PH-001 Trade Mill

  • PH-001 Trade Mill – a powerhouse of sophistication and performance designed to take your workout experience to unprecedented heights. Engineered for weight loss, increased endurance, and an overall healthier lifestyle.

    • Product Dimension - L 135.3 x B 54.3 x H 121.4 cm
    • Running Area Dimension- L 110 x B 40 cm
    • Carrying Capacity- 100 Kg
    • Tablet & Mug Holder- Yes
    • Preset Programs- 12
    • Heart Rate Sensor- Yes
    • Emergency Button- Yes
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