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1. Strong and Durable Construction:

  • Robust metal body and reinforced with sturdy plastic brackets, ensures long-lasting durability for reliable use in clinical settings.


2. Internally Printed Snellen Chart:

  • Precision-designed Snellen chart for accurate and standardized eye examinations, facilitates comprehensive vision testing with adherence to the highest quality standards.


3. Multilingual Support:

  • Printed in all Indian languages for enhanced accessibility, enables clear communication and testing for a diverse patient demographic.


4. Extended Testing Range (3 meters):

  • Versatile testing options, including Duochrome Test, Friend Test, Spot Light, and Worths Four Dots Test. Offers a comprehensive solution for a wide range of eye examinations.


5. Remote Control Operation:

  • Electrically operated from a distance of 6 meters. Automatic switch functionality for streamlined examinations.


6. Enhanced Practitioner Efficiency:

  • Remote control allows practitioners to navigate through tests with ease. Simplifies the examination process, optimizing efficiency and patient comfort.

EY-001 Eye Testing Drum

  • EY-001 Eye Testing Drum: Comprehensive Eye Examination at Your Fingertips. Experience the convenience, precision, and durability of the EY-001 Eye Testing Drum – your all-in-one solution for advanced eye examinations.

    • Sturdy, Lightweight: Robust metal body.
    • Snellen Chart Inside: For accurate eye tests.
    • Multilingual & Versatile: All Indian languages, includes key tests.
    • Compact & Portable: Weighs 4kg, sized 8” x 10” x 27”.
    • Remote Control: Electrically operated from 6 meters.
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