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1. Cutting-Edge Model:

  • XR-001 embodies the latest in radiation protection technology, ensuring your facility stays at the forefront of safety measures.


2. Trusted Brand:

  • Accure Medical Pvt Ltd's reputation for reliability and innovation makes XR-001 the preferred choice in radiological protection.


3. Optimized Packaging:

  • The secure box packaging guarantees that your radiation protection panel arrives in pristine condition, ready for immediate use.


4. Versatile Applications:

  • From medical institutions to diagnostic centers, XR-001 caters to a wide range of healthcare settings, providing consistent radiation safety.

XR-001 Radiation Protection Panel- Two Room

  • XR-001 Radiation Protection Panel – a pioneering solution designed to elevate radiation safety in medical institutions, hospitals, X-ray laboratories, and diagnostic centers.

    • Model: XR-001
    • Brand: Accure Medical Pvt Ltd
    • Packaging Type: Box
    • Lead Glass Size: 8*10
    • Size: 1.5mm
    • Power Voltage: Volt
    • Country of Origin: Made in India
    • Usage/Applications: Medical institutions, hospitals, X-ray laboratories, Diagnostic centres
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