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1. Versatile Adjustability:

  • Gas-assisted or electric backrest adjustable from 0˚ to +80˚, offering flexibility for patient positioning.


2. Foot Sections Flexibility:

  • Gas-assisted foot sections adjustable from 0˚ to -85˚, ensuring adaptability for diverse medical procedures.


3. Trendelenburg Tilt:

  • Models SM5585 & SM5585D feature a Trendelenburg tilt to -15˚, expanding the range of procedures that can be performed.


4. Anti-Trapping Design:

  • Gas-assisted sections incorporate an anti-trap design, prioritizing patient safety during adjustments.


5. Patient-Friendly Design and Height Elevation Options:

  • Footrests extend for tall patients, catering to various patient demographics.

Choose between hydraulic or electric height elevation for ease of use and adaptability.


6. Stability and Precision:

  • Adjustable foot for stability on uneven surfaces and purpose-made precision bearings on all pivot points ensure reliable performance.


7. Comfortable Upholstery:

  • Standard 65cm width upholstery with a choice of Standard or Standard+ upholstery colors, ensuring patient comfort and aesthetic customization.

OR- 002 Plaster Table

  • Elevate your patient care standards with the OR-002 Plaster Table—a versatile and ergonomic solution tailored to the demands of modern medical practices.

    • Load: 240Kg, Adjustable.
    • Gas or electric back/foot.
    • Trendelenburg tilt (SM models).
    • Anti-trap, extended footrest.
    • Hydraulic/electric height.
    • Range: 52cm to 106cm.
    • Compact, retractable wheels.
    • Stable, adjustable foot.
    • Anti-bacterial, hoist clearance.
    • Hand switch (electric).
    • 65cm width, choice of colors.
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