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1. Comprehensive Instrumentation:

  • Seamless dental procedures with One 3-way syringe, precise control via One micromotor point and Double air rotor point, and streamlined workflow with a multifunctional foot control.


2. Adjustable Headrest and Movable Instrument Arms:

  • Imported press-adjustable headrest ensures personalized patient comfort. Flexible vertically and horizontally movable instrument arms for precise treatment positioning.


3. Hygienic Glass Bowl Spittoon:

  • The integrated glass bowl spittoon with an auto-water system guarantees a clean and sterile environment, prioritizing both hygiene and convenience.


4. Pneumatic Piston Dr. Stool:

  • The Dr. stool, equipped with a pneumatic piston for height adjustment, ensures ergonomic support for dental practitioners, promoting comfort during long sessions.


5. LED Light with Sensor System:

  • Illuminate workspace with adjustable LED light for clear visibility. Hands-free sensor system enhances hygiene in dental practice.

DT-005 Fully Electric Dental Chair Glory

  • Elevate your dental practice to new heights with the DT-005 Fully Electric Dental Chair Glory, where cutting-edge features meet unparalleled comfort, ensuring a superior experience for both practitioners and patients alike.

    • One 3 way syring
    • One micromotor point
    • Double air rotor point
    • Multifunctional foot control
    • Imported press adjustable headrest
    • Vertically and horizontally movable instrument arms
    • Glass bowl spittoon with auto water system
    • Dr. stool with pneumatic piston for height adjustment
    • Led light having high and low intensity with sensor system
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