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1. Specialized Design:

  • Engineered for efficient retrieval of fractured rotary nickel-titanium instruments in endodontic emergencies.


2. Quick Retrieval System:

  • Swift and reliable extraction to minimize patient discomfort and optimize treatment outcomes.


3. Ease of Use:

  • User-friendly design ensures practitioners can navigate emergency scenarios with confidence.


4. Versatile Applications:

  • Includes an endodontic tungsten carbide bur for enlarging the pulp cavity, enhancing practitioner vision into the canal.


5. Invaluable in Emergencies:

  • A must-have kit for unforeseen challenges, ensuring practitioners are well-equipped to handle emergencies effectively.

DT-014 Endo Kit

  • Invest in the DT-014 Endo Kit and equip your practice with a cutting-edge File Retrieval System designed to handle the unexpected with precision and efficiency.

    • Endo Rescue Kit with File Retrival System.
    • Easy-to-use kit.
    • The kit includes an endodontic tungsten carbide bur 
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