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1. Comprehensive ECG Connectivity:

  • MC-004 ECG Accessories provide comprehensive connectivity options, allowing seamless integration with a wide range of ECG machines and monitoring systems. 


2. High-Quality Electrodes:

  • Equipped with high-quality electrodes, these accessories deliver reliable signal transmission and accurate ECG recordings. 


3. Flexible Lead Wires:

  • ECG accessories include flexible lead wires that offer ease of use and maneuverability during ECG recording procedures. Designed with durable materials, these lead wires withstand repeated use and bending without compromising signal quality or performance.


4. Patient Comfort:

  • With a focus on patient comfort, the MC-004 ECG Accessories feature soft and hypoallergenic materials that minimize skin irritation and discomfort during prolonged wear. 

MC-004 ECG Accessories

  • MC-004 ECG Accessories. Designed to optimize ECG recording and analysis, these accessories offer convenience, reliability, and versatility for healthcare professionals and patients.

    • MATERIAL : Medical grade material for high conductivity and signal capture with each ECG Scan
    • DURABLE: Construction of ECG Cable, clamp electrodes & chest electrodes is built to last longer
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