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1. Comprehensive Set:

  • Includes essential instruments for thorough ear examinations, nasal inspections, and oral cavity assessments, offering a complete solution for ENT specialists and healthcare professionals.


2. High-Quality Construction:

  • Each instrument is crafted from premium materials, ensuring durability, reliability, and longevity in clinical settings.


3. Versatile Functionality:

  • Designed to facilitate various procedures such as ear wax removal, foreign object retrieval, laryngeal examination, and nasal cavity inspection, providing versatility for a wide range of diagnostic and treatment needs.


4. Precision Tools:

  • Instruments like the ear specula set, micro ear S/tip, and Hartmann ear forceps are engineered for precise manipulation and accurate examination, enhancing diagnostic accuracy and patient care.


5. Ergonomic Design:

  • Ergonomically shaped handles and carefully balanced instruments ensure comfortable handling and optimal control during procedures, reducing fatigue and enhancing procedural efficiency.


6. Portable and Organized:

  • Comes with a convenient carry bag for easy storage, transportation, and organization of all instruments, making it ideal for use in clinical settings, medical offices, and fieldwork.


7. Multipurpose Application:

  • Can be used for routine check-ups, diagnostic evaluations, treatment procedures, and educational purposes, offering versatility in clinical practice and medical training.


8. Includes Tuning Fork:

  • Incorporates a tuning fork for conducting hearing tests and assessing auditory function, enhancing the diagnostic capabilities of the kit.

ET-007 Ear Examination

  • ET-007 Ear Examination ENT Instrument Kit, meticulously curated kit contains a variety of essential instruments designed to assist ENT specialists, audiologists, and healthcare professionals in conducting thorough ear examinations with ease and accuracy.

  • ENT Instrument Kit Contains Following Items:

    • Tongue Depressor - 1 Pc.
    • Laryngeal Mirror - 1 Pc.
    • Post Nasal Mirror - 1 Pc.
    • Jobson Probe - 1 Pc
    • Ear Vectis and curette - 1 Pc.
    • Thudicum Nasal Speculum Set of 3 Pcs.
    • Ear Speculum Set of 3 Pcs.
    • Micro Ear S/Tip 1 - Pc.
    • Mastoid Suction Tip - 1 Pc.
    • Micro Ear Crocodile - 1 Pc.
    • Tilly Forceps - 1 Pc.
    • Hartmann Ear Forceps - 1 Pc.
    • Tuning Fork - 1 Pc.
    • Carry Bag - 1 Pc.
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