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1. Double Air Rotor Point:

  • Maximize efficiency and productivity with dual air rotor points, providing a consistent and reliable airflow for optimal performance during dental procedures.


2. Comprehensive Instrumentation:

  • One 3-way syringe for precise water and air control, One micromotor point for intricate procedures, and One suction unit for a clean workspace.


3. Doctor Stool and Glass Spittoon Bowl:

  • The included doctor stool ensures ergonomic support for extended sessions, while the glass spittoon bowl with an auto-water system prioritizes hygiene and convenience.


4. Advanced Lighting Technology:

  • Illuminate your workspace with the LED Sensor Light, providing high and low intensity for optimal visibility during intricate procedures.


5. LED X-Ray Viewer:

  • The integrated LED X-ray viewer ensures a clear and detailed visualization of radiographic images, contributing to accurate diagnostics and treatment planning.

DT-003 Dental X- ray Machine

  • DT-003 Dental X-Ray Machine – Elevate your radiography capabilities with this cutting-edge X-ray machine, equipped with essential functionalities to meet the demands of contemporary dentistry

    • Double Air Rotor Point
    • One 3way Syring
    • One Micromotor Point
    • One Suction
    • Doctor Stool
    • Glass Spritton Bowl
    • LED Sensor Light
    • LED X-Ray Viewer
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