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1. 5 Step Magnification:

  • Offers versatile magnification options with 5-step magnification settings: 0.4x, 0.6x, 1.0x, 1.6x, and 2.5x, allowing for detailed examination and precise procedures.


2. Binocular Drawtube:

  • Equipped with a binocular drawtube for comfortable and ergonomic viewing, ensuring ease of use during extended procedures.


3. Objective Lens Options:

  • Choose from objective lenses of 250mm, 300mm, or 400mm, providing flexibility to accommodate various surgical requirements and preferences.


4. High Power Daylight LED Illumination:

  • Features high-power daylight LED illumination, delivering bright and clear lighting for enhanced visibility and accurate visualization during procedures.


5. Wide Field Eyepiece:

  • Comes with 10X wide field eyepieces with high eye point for comfortable viewing. Optionally available are 12.5X eyepieces for enhanced magnification.


6. Portable Design:

  • Designed for portability, allowing easy transportation between different hospital settings or surgical suites, ensuring flexibility and convenience for medical professionals.


7. Binocular Tube and Optical Head Swivel:

  • Features a 90-degree straight binocular tube for optimal viewing comfort. The optical head swivels 90 degrees axially and 180 degrees side-wise, providing flexibility in positioning and maneuverability during procedures.


8. Full Apochromatic Galilean Optics:

  • Incorporates full apochromatic Galilean optics, ensuring superior image quality, color accuracy, and depth perception for precise surgical interventions.

ET-001 Audiometer Operating Microscope

  • ET-001 Audiometer Operating Microscope, Crafted from durable mild steel and plastic, this microscope is engineered for excellence and reliability, making it an indispensable tool in hospital settings.

    • Material: Mild Steel & Plastic
    • Usage/Application: Hospital
    • Model Name/Number: ET-001
    • Magnification: 5 step magnification 0.4x, 0.6x, 1.0 x, 1.6x, 2.5x
    • Drawtube: Binocular
    • Objective Lens: 250mm or 300mm or 400mm objective lens
    • Illumination: High Power Day Light LED
    • Eye Piece: 10X Wide Field & High Eye Point (Option: 12.5X)
    • Portable: Yes
    • Binocular Tube: 90 Degree Straight Binocular Tube
    • Optical Head Swivel: 90 Degree Axially and 180 Degree Side Wise
    • Optics: Full Apochromatic Galilean Type
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