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1. Precision in Electrosurgery:

  • With a main frequency of 512 KHz, the OT-007 delivers precise and controlled energy for optimal surgical outcomes.


2. Versatile Power Supply:

  • The dual power supply options make this diathermy adaptable to various healthcare environments.


3. Compact and Portable:

  • Weighing only 8.00KG and with a compact design, the OT-007 ensures portability without compromising on performance.


4. Safety Assurance:

  • The device's low frequency leakage levels guarantee safety during surgical procedures, providing peace of mind to healthcare professionals.

OT-007 Surgical Diathermy

  • OT-007 Surgical Diathermy,  device designed for unparalleled performance in electrosurgery. Equipped with advanced features and specifications, this surgical diathermy ensures a seamless and efficient surgical experience

    • Main Frequency: 512 KHz
    • Power Supply: 110V/60Hz; 220V/50Hz
    • Weight:8.00KG
    • Dimension: 34*16*47CM
    • High Frequency Leakage:Monopolar:<150mA
    • Bipolar:< 60mA
    • Low Frequency Leakage:Normal Polarity, Intact Chassis Ground:<10μA
    • Normal Polarity,Ground open< 50μA
    • Reverse Polarity,Ground Open< 50μA
    • Sink Current, 140V Applied, All inputs < 50μA
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