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1. Efficient Operation:

  • Double Air Rotor Point for enhanced procedural efficiency.
  • One 3-way Syringe for precise control over water and air.


2. Intricate Procedures:

  • One Micromotor Point ensures accuracy in intricate dental procedures.


3. Clean and Organized Workspace:

  • Integrated Suction unit to maintain a hygienic and organized workspace.


4. Practitioner Comfort:

  • Ergonomically designed Doctor Stool for comfortable seating during treatments.


5. Hygiene and Convenience:

  • Glass Spittoon Bowl for easy maintenance and cleanliness.


6. Illumination Excellence:

  • LED Sensor Light provides high and low intensity for clear visibility during procedures.
  • LED X-Ray Viewer for enhanced diagnostics.

DT-018 Semi Electric Dental Chair

  • DT-018 Semi Electric Dental Chair is the epitome of reliability and functionality, offering a seamless dental experience with its advanced features.

    • Double Air Rotor Point
    • One 3way Syring
    • One Micromotor Point
    • One Suction
    • Doctor Stool
    • Glass Spritton Bowl
    • LED Sensor Light
    • LED X-Ray Viewer
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