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1. Sturdy Construction:

  • Made of heavy CRCA/mild steel sheet for robustness.


2. Patient Comfort:

  • Single-section upholstered top with a U-cut for enhanced comfort.


3. Versatile Positioning:

  • Equipped with a pair of lithotomy rods and adjustable straps for versatile positioning.


4. Ample Storage:

  • Three drawers and three cabinets provide convenient storage space.


5. Medical Accessories Tray:

  • Includes a dedicated tray for easy access to a B.P. apparatus.


6. Convenience at Hand:

  • Provided with a single footstep stool for added accessibility.

Gynae Examination Couch

  • Gynae Examination Couch, a comprehensive solution designed for comfort and functionality. Crafted entirely from heavy CRCA/mild steel sheet, this couch ensures durability and stability.


    • Heavy CRCA/mild steel construction.
    • Single-section with U-cut.
    • Lithotomy rods with adjustable straps.
    • Three drawers, three cabinets.
    • Tray for B.P. apparatus.
    • Pre-treated, epoxy powder coated.
    • Single footstep stool.
    • Overall size: 187L x 51W x 81H cm.
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