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1. Multi-Functionality:

  • Back rest, knee rest, Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg, high-low, and one-touch zero level (CPR) positions are easily maneuvered by four separate linear actuators controlled via one handset.


2. Durable Construction:

  • Mattress area divided into four sections made of CRCASheet, providing sturdy support and comfort.


3. Detachable Head and Foot Bows:

  • High-quality ABS molded head and foot bows are detachable for easy cleaning and maintenance.


4. Safety Side Rails:

  • Four-sectional ABS polymer safety side rails with angle indicators ensure patient safety and stability.


5. Heavy-Duty Saline Stand:

  • Provided with a heavy-duty saline stand with provisions for fixing it at all four corners of the bed for convenient access.


6. Smooth Mobility:

  • Equipped with noiseless twin casters of 125mm diameter with diagonal locking, including two wheels with brakes, for easy and secure maneuverability.


7. Durable Finish:

  • Complete metal components are pre-treated and epoxy powder coated for enhanced durability and resistance to corrosion.

AMPL-11001 Electric I.C.U Bed 5 Function Prime

  • AMPL-11001 Electric I.C.U Bed 5 Function Prime, a state-of-the-art bed designed to provide utmost comfort and functionality in intensive care units. 

    • Dimensions: 210cm (L) x 95cm (W) x adjustable height (50cm to 80cm).
    • Remote-Controlled Positions: Hi-Low, backrest elevation, knee rest elevation, Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg.
    • Additional Features: Battery backup, optional nurse control panel, embedded controls in side railings and head-foot panels, manual CPR functionality, central locking casters, fiber base cover, optional four-section polypropylene top.
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