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1. 7" TFT Touch Screen Display:

  • Effortlessly navigate the 7" TFT touch screen, ensuring a user-friendly experience for efficient cardiac monitoring.


2. Versatile Operating Modes:

  • Choose between manual and auto modes for flexibility in capturing and analyzing ECG data.


3. Advanced Filtering:

  • Benefit from AC, EMG, and anti-drift filters, ensuring clear and accurate ECG readings for enhanced diagnostics.


4. USB Flash Disk Support:

  • Seamlessly save and transfer ECG data with USB flash disk support, offering convenient options for data management.


5. Comprehensive Connectivity:

  • Connect effortlessly with standard interfaces and RS232 communication, facilitating smooth data transfer between devices.


6. Synchronous 3-Lead Acquisition:

  • Ensure accuracy with 3-lead synchronous acquisition and three-track recording capabilities.

ECG 3 PLUS- 3-Channel ECG Machine

  • ECG 3 PLUS for cutting-edge 3-channel cardiac monitoring. With advanced features and user-friendly design, this machine is your reliable partner in ensuring precise and efficient cardiac care. Order today to elevate your medical practice with the latest in ECG technology!

    • 7" TFT Touch Screen
    • Storage: 200+ ECG records
    • Modes: Manual and Auto
    • Filters: AC, EMG, Anti-Drift
    • USB Support for Data
    • High-Res Printing: 12.5, 25, 50 mm/sec
    • Connectivity: Standard, RS232
    • 3-Lead Acquisition for Precision
    • Compact Paper Size: 80x20mm
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