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1. Automatic Ignition:

  • Eliminate manual ignition steps with the PT-001's automatic ignition feature, ensuring consistent and reproducible results.


2. Effortless Water Management:

  • Automatic water filling and draining capabilities simplify the calorimetric process, reducing user intervention and enhancing operational efficiency.


3. Oxygen Handling Automation:

  • Enjoy the convenience of automatic oxygen filling, flushing, and venting, minimizing the need for manual adjustments and ensuring precision.


4. RFID Technology:

  • Incorporates RFID technology for automatic decomposition vessel identification, enhancing sample traceability and minimizing errors in the identification process.


5. Enhanced Decomposition Vessel Design:

  • A redesigned decomposition vessel allows for quicker and more straightforward sample preparation, optimizing your workflow.


6. Chiller Compatibility:

  • PT-001 can be seamlessly operated with a chiller, expanding its versatility and enabling precise temperature control during experiments.


7. Efficient Data Management:

  • Equipped with an Ethernet interface for data management via FTP server or connection to a network printer, facilitating seamless information transfer.

PT-001 Calorimeter

  • PT-001 Calorimeter. Packed with cutting-edge features, this automatic ignition calorimeter is designed to streamline your laboratory processes and deliver reliable results with ease.

    • Automatic ignition for seamless startup.
    • Automated water filling, draining, and oxygen handling.
    • RFID technology for vessel identification.
    • Redesigned vessel for faster sample prep.
    • Operable with a chiller for temperature control.
    • Touch screen for easy operation.
    • Control chart view and correction calculation.
    • Ethernet interface for data management.
    • Removable SD card for data and updates.
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