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1. Sturdy Frame Construction:

  • The AMPL-5005 features a robust frame made of Epoxy Coated CRC/Mild Steel tubular pipes, ensuring durability and stability in demanding healthcare environments.


2. Comprehensive Privacy Coverage:

  • With three panels, the middle panel spanning 120cm wide and the side panels 60cm each, this bed side screen provides comprehensive coverage to safeguard patient privacy during examinations, procedures, or rest periods.


3. Effortless Mobility:

  • Mounted on 50mm swivel casters, the AMPL-5005 offers smooth mobility and easy maneuverability, allowing healthcare professionals to adjust the screen's position quickly and efficiently as needed.


4. Convenient Curtain Installation:

  • Supplied with hooks and spring wire, this bed side screen facilitates hassle-free installation of curtains, enabling customization of privacy levels to meet individual patient preferences.


5. Optional Curtain Set:

  • Enhance privacy further with an optional set of three curtains, seamlessly integrating with the bed side screen to create a private and comfortable environment for patients.


6. Versatile Application:

  • Suitable for a range of medical environments, including hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes, the AMPL-5005 provides versatile functionality to meet diverse patient care needs.

AMPL-5005 3 Fold Bed Side Screen

  • AMPL-5005 3-Fold Bed Side Screen,  designed to enhance patient privacy and comfort in medical settings. This bed side screen offers a seamless blend of functionality and practicality.

    • Sturdy construction with Epoxy Coated CRC/Mild Steel tubular pipes.
    • Three panels: Middle panel 120cm wide, side panels 60cm each.
    • Mounted on 50mm swivel casters for easy movement.
    • Supplied with hooks and spring wire for curtain installation.
    • Optional set of three curtains available.
    • Overall dimensions: 168H x 244W cm.
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