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1. Industry-Leading Noise Reduction:

  • This saw boasts the lowest noise levels both domestically and internationally, ensuring a quiet and comfortable surgical environment.


2. Sterilizable Design:

  • The cutting saw is designed for easy sterilization through high-temperature and high-pressure methods, ensuring optimal hygiene for every use.


3. Economical and High-Quality:

  • One body, three blades make this product economically sound and high in quality, meeting the precise needs of medical practitioners.


4. High-Frequency Operation:

  • Maximum no-load swing frequency of ≥10000 times/min with a 4° swing amplitude, delivering swift and efficient cutting.


5. Tissue Protection Function:

  • The alloy saw blade is equipped with a soft tissue protection function, ensuring safety and precision during operations.


6. Versatile Application:

  • Suitable for cutting high polymer resin bands, making it a versatile tool for a range of surgical procedures.

OR-004 Plaster Cutting Saw

  • Experience top-tier performance with our hot-selling stainless steel OR-004 Plaster Cutting Saw. This electric plaster saw is meticulously designed to provide a low-noise, efficient solution for medical professionals.

    • Charging Input Power: 100-240VAC, 50HZ.
    • Standard Lithium Battery: Rated working voltage of 14.8V.
    • Maximum No-Load Swing Frequency: ≥10000 times/min, 4° swing amplitude.
    • Alloy saw blade with soft tissue protection.
    • Suitable for cutting high polymer resin bands.
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