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1. Enhanced Safety:

  • Needle Destroyer acts as a formidable safeguard against accidental needle-sticks, facilitating prompt removal and containment of needles, crucial for the safety of healthcare professionals.


2. Low Power Consumption:

  • Achieve efficiency without compromise. This device boasts low power consumption, ensuring optimal functionality while minimizing energy usage.



3. Shock-Proof Design:

  • The inclusion of a main circuit breaker guarantees shock-proof operation, prioritizing user safety during use.


4. Portable and Compact:

  • Built for convenience, this needle destroyer is portable, compact, and remarkably handy, ensuring seamless integration into various medical and industrial settings.


5. On/Off Switch with Pilot Lamp:

  • Provision of an on/off switch with a pilot lamp enhances control, allowing for efficient operation and indicating the device's status.


6. Versatile Applications:

  • Beyond medical settings, this device finds utility in scientific and industrial purposes, showcasing its versatility and adaptability across various sectors.

Needle Destroyer

  • Needle Destroyer, device minimizes the risk of accidental needle-sticks by enabling immediate removal and secure containment of needles, particularly when placed in proximity to the usage area.

    • Product Type:  Electrically operated with manual syringe cutter
    • Usage/Application: Clinics, Labs and Hospitals
    • Material:  Metal
    • Noise Level: no noise
    • Power: 50 Hz
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