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1. Precision Illumination:

  • LED cold light source and manual focus system ensure precision illumination tailored to the surgical environment.


2. Versatile Application:

  • Support for laparoscopic surgery and a universal spring suspension system enhance adaptability to various surgical procedures.


3. Durability and Efficiency:

  • Ultra-thin aluminum lamp head and Germany imported Osram lamp beads guarantee longevity and efficient performance.


4. Hygienic Operation:

  • The multifunctional disinfection handle ensures a sterile surgical environment, prioritizing patient safety.


5. Germany Imported Osram Lamp Beads:

  • Infused with quality, the lamp is equipped with Germany imported Osram lamp beads, guaranteeing reliability and longevity.


6. Digital Memory Microcomputer Controller:

  • A state-of-the-art digital memory microcomputer controller enables intuitive operation and customization of lighting preferences for efficient surgical workflows.

OT-003 Ceiling Shadowless Lamp

  • OT-003 Ceiling Shadowless Lamp, a beacon of excellence in surgical illumination. This cutting-edge lamp is meticulously crafted with features that redefine the standards for precision, versatility, and reliability in the operating room.

    • LED Cold Light Source
    • Excellent Shadowless Effect
    • Excellent Depth Lighting
    • Manual Focus System
    • Support For Laparoscopic Surgery
    • Universal Spring Suspension System
    • Ultra-thin Aluminum Lamp Head
    • Multifunctional Disinfection Handle
    • Brightness/Color Temperature Adjustable
    • Germany Imported Osram Lamp Beads
    • Digital Memory Microcomputer Controller
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