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1. CRCA/Mild Steel Tube Framework:

  • Trolley features a robust framework constructed from CRCA or mild steel tubes, providing sturdy support for medical equipment and supplies. 


2. Smooth Mobility:

  • Mounted on 75mm noiseless swiveling casters, the trolley offers smooth and effortless mobility, Two casters are equipped with brakes to secure the trolley.


3. Stainless Steel Shelves with Railing:

  • Trolley is equipped with two stainless steel shelves, each featuring railing on three sides to prevent items from slipping during transport. 


4. M.S. Drawer:

  • Below the top shelf, the trolley features a convenient M.S. drawer, providing additional storage space for organizing smaller medical instruments and supplies. 


5. Provision for I.V. Rod:

  • Trolley includes a provision for an I.V. rod, facilitating the secure mounting of intravenous bags for fluid administration. 


6. Pre-Treated and Epoxy Powder Coated Finish:

  • Trolley is pre-treated and coated with epoxy powder for enhanced durability and resistance to corrosion, chemicals, and scratches

AMPL-3013 Utility Trolley

5 500,00₹Prix
  • AMPL-3013 Utility Trolley,  designed to enhance efficiency and organization in medical facilities. This trolley offers exceptional functionality and durability to meet the diverse needs of healthcare professionals.

    •  Frame work of CRCA / mild steel tubes
    •  Mounted on 75mm noiseless swiveling casters, two with brakes
    •  Two stainless steel shelves with railing on three sides
    •  One M.S. drawer below the top shelf
    •  Provision for I.V. rod
    •  Pre-treated and epoxy powder coated
    •  Overall Approx. Size: 60L x 45W x 80H cm
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