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1. Oil-Free Pump:

  • Equipped with a maintenance-free oil-free pump for efficient and hassle-free operation.


2. Overflow Protection:

  • Ensures safety with built-in overflow protection, preventing potential issues during operation.


3. Convenient Foot Switch:

  • Allows hands-free operation for added convenience and flexibility.


4. Large Jar:

  • Featuring a spacious jar to accommodate a substantial volume, minimizing the need for frequent emptying.


5. Easy Mobility:

  • Enhanced with castors for effortless movement and positioning as needed.

Portable Suction Machine 7A- 23D

25 000,00₹Prix
  • Presenting the 7A-23D Portable Suction Machine, a reliable solution with essential features. 7A-23D is your trusted companion, offering convenience, safety, and mobility in a portable suction solution.

    • Oil-Free Pump
    • Overflow Protection
    • Foot Switch
    • Large Jar
    • Castors
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