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1. Non-Portable

  • EY-004 is a non-portable slit lamp designed to stay in place, ensuring reliability during eye examinations in hospital environments.


2. Automation Grade: 

  • With a manual automation grade, this slit lamp allows skilled professionals to precisely control and customize the examination process according to individual patient needs.


3. Rotational Slit :

  • EY-004 offers a versatile slit rotation capability ranging from 0 to 180 degrees, providing comprehensive coverage for a thorough examination of the eye structures.


4. Three Step Magnification

  • Benefit from three-step magnification options, ensuring detailed and clear visualization of ocular structures for accurate diagnostics.


5. Haag Streit Style

  • EY-004 inherits the legacy of a proven and trusted design, known for its ergonomic excellence and optical precision.

EY-004 Slit Lamp

39 000,00₹Prix
  • EY-004 Slit Lamp by Labomed, a non-portable ophthalmic instrument designed for hospital settings. This Haag Streit Style slit lamp boasts advanced features, making it an essential tool for detailed eye examinations.

    • Model Name/Number: EY-004
    • Type: Non-Portable
    • Brand: Labomed
    • Colour: White
    • Automation Grade:   Manual
    • Slit Rotation: 0 to 180
    • Magnification: Three step
    • Style: Haag Streit Style
    • Usage/Application: Hospital
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