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1. Patient Comfort:

  • The vinyl upholstery and well-padded top prioritize patient comfort, creating a positive environment for physiotherapy sessions and examinations.


2. Flexible Positioning:

  • The two-section top and adjustable backrest offer flexibility, accommodating diverse patient needs and examination requirements.


3. Durable Construction:

  • The heavy-duty steel frame and chrome-plated legs ensure the longevity and robustness of the examination couch, making it a reliable investment.


4. Stability and Security:

  • Mounted on four chrome-plated legs, the couch provides a stable foundation for examinations, ensuring both patient and practitioner security.

PH-002 Physiotherapy Examination Couch

13 500,00₹Prix
  • PH-002 Physiotherapy Examination Couch – a versatile treatment and examination table designed for optimal patient care. vinyl-upholstered couch is a fundamental asset in any medical setting.

    • Basic treatment cum examination table with vinyl upholstered
    • Two-section well padded top,
    • Size 180cm  x 60cm with a fixed working height of 80cm.
    • Backrest is 67cm long and is easily adjustable for desired position.
    • Top is fitted on painted heavy duty rectangular steel pipe frame
    • Mounted on Four, chrome plated, 37mm dia.tubular legs for stability
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