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1. Corneal Astigmatism Axis: 180 Degree

  • Featuring a corneal astigmatism axis of 180 degrees, this keratometer ensures comprehensive assessment and measurement of astigmatism for thorough eye examinations.


2. Diopter Adjusting Scale: 0-+5 Diopter

  • The diopter adjusting scale ranging from 0 to +5 diopter provides eye care professionals with the flexibility to accurately measure and adjust refractive errors for optimal vision correction.


3. Halogen Illumination: 12 V, 50 W

  • Equipped with halogen illumination powered by a 12 V, 50 W bulb, the EY-006 Keratometer delivers clear and bright illumination.


4. Corneal Refractive Power: 60 D

  • With a corneal refractive power of 60 D, this keratometer ensures accurate determination of the cornea's refractive power, aiding in the assessment of visual acuity and potential corrective measures.


5. Minimum Reading: 0.01 mm

  • EY-006 offers a minimum reading of 0.01 mm, allowing for extremely fine and accurate measurements, crucial for detecting subtle changes in corneal curvature.


6. Corneal Curvature Radius:

  • Corneal curvature radius of 12 mm further enhances the instrument's capability to provide comprehensive and detailed corneal curvature measurements.

EY-006 Keratometer

33 500,00₹Prix
  • EY-006 Keratometer, a precision instrument designed for accurate and efficient measurement of corneal curvature, ideal for ophthalmological examinations in hospital settings.

    • Type of Instrument: Keratometer
    • Corneal Astigmatism Axis: 180 Degree
    • Diopter Adjusting Scale: 0-+5 diopter
    • Halogen Illumination: 12 V, 50 W
    • Corneal Refractive Power: 60 D
    • Minimum Reading: 0.01 mm
    • Color: White
    • Usage/Application: Hospital
    • Cornial Curvature Radius: 12 mm
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