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1. Stainless Steel Frame:

  • AMPL-9007 Crash Cart features a robust frame constructed from stainless steel tubes, providing durability and stability in demanding medical environments. 


2. Multiple Storage Compartments:

  • Equipped with two lightweight polystyrene boxes, each containing three drawers, the crash cart offers ample storage space for organizing medical supplies and equipment.


3. Oxygen Cylinder Provision:

  • Designed with a provision to securely hold an oxygen cylinder, providing essential respiratory support during critical care interventions. 


4. Color Handout Bins:

  • Six color-coded handout bins are strategically positioned at eye level, offering quick identification and access to frequently used supplies and medications. 


5. Stainless Steel Shelves with Railings:

  • The crash cart includes three stainless steel shelves with railings, providing additional storage space for medical equipment and supplies. 


6. Integrated IV Rod and Corner Buffers:

  • The cart is provided with a stainless steel IV rod for hanging intravenous fluids, facilitating fluid administration during emergency treatments. 

AMPL- 9007 Crash Cart

  • AMPL-9007 Crash Cart, Designed to facilitate rapid response and efficient organization in emergency medical situations. Engineered to offer a versatile platform for storing essential medical supplies and equipment.

    • Overall Size: 960 L x 500 W x 1545H mm
    • Frame: Stainless Steel Tubes
    • Storage: 2 Polystyrene Boxes with 3 Drawers Each
    • Upper Drawer: Medicine Container of Different Sizes
    • Oxygen Cylinder Provision: Made of M.S.
    • Handout Bins: 6 Color-Coded at Eye Level
    • Shelves: 3 Stainless Steel with Railings
    • Accessories: S.S. IV Rod, Corner Buffers
    • Castors: 125 mm Dia Swivel (2 with Brakes)
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