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1. High Power LED Technology:

  • Utilizes advanced LED technology to deliver powerful illumination with an impressive power output of 80 watts, ensuring bright and clear visualization during medical procedures.


2. Longevity:

  • With an LED lifespan exceeding 40,000 hours, this cold light source provides long-lasting performance, reducing the need for frequent replacements and maintenance.


3. Superior Illumination:

  • Boasting an illumination intensity of over 2,000,000 lux, this light source ensures optimal brightness for accurate visualization of surgical sites, enhancing procedural precision and efficiency.


4. Consistent Light Intensity:

  • Maintains constant light intensity throughout its lifespan, providing reliable illumination for consistent surgical outcomes over time.


5. Portable and Compact Design:

  • Featuring a compact design measuring 220 x 275 x 80 cm, the ET-005 Cold Light Source is highly portable and easy to transport between medical facilities or within surgical suites, offering flexibility and convenience during procedures.

ET-005 Cold Light Source

35 000,00₹Prix
  • ET-005 Cold Light Source, an innovative solution powered by high-power, cost-effective LED technology. This light source offers exceptional performance and reliability for a wide range of medical procedures.

    • Technology: LED
    • Power Output: 80 Watts
    • LED Life Span: 40,000 Hours +
    • Illumination Intensity: > 2,000,000 Lux
    • Light Source: Cold Light
    • Consistency: Constant Light Intensity over Lifetime
    • Dimensions: 220 x 275 x 80 cm
    • Compatibility: Fiber Optic Cable (Note: Not Included)
    • Portability: Portable Design
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