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1. Premium Construction:

  • The water bath is constructed with high-grade corrosion-resistant stainless steel, both inside and outside, ensuring durability and longevity.


2. Versatile Application:

  • Designed for incubating samples at high temperatures, particularly vital in textile and microbiology industries for processes such as merchandising, dyeing, and printing.


3. Motorized Stirrer for Efficiency:

  • Equipped with a motorized stirrer to maintain heating efficiency, ensuring uniform temperatures and consistent results during processes.


4. Precision Temperature Control:

  • Incorporates a sensor for precise temperature control, providing highly accurate test results under uniform conditions.


5. User-Friendly Design:

  • Features a bright LED display for easy viewing of test results, rapid heaters for uniform heating, and a simple installation process, making it an ideal and user-friendly lab testing instrument.

PT-004 Water Bath Digital


    PT-004 Water Bath Digital ensures accurate temperature control for various lab applications. Essential for researchers seeking reliable and efficient performance in a compact design.

    • Inner Size : 304*304*355mm
    • Accuracy : +-2*C
    • Least Count/ Resolution : 1*C
    • Display : LED (Digital)
    • Motor Type : Stirrer Motor
    • Motor Capacity : 1/5 HP
    • Temperature Range Upto 90*C
    • Power : 15A,220V,Single Phase ,50 Hz
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