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1. Ballenger Swivel Knife

  • Enables precise cutting during surgical procedures.
  • Facilitates intricate incisions with accuracy and control.

2. Howarth Elevator

  • Allows for delicate tissue manipulation with ease.
  • Ideal for lifting and separating tissues during ENT interventions.

3. Killian Gouge

  • Provides controlled bone removal for various ENT procedures.
  • Ensures precise and efficient bone sculpting.

4. Lucs Forceps

  • Facilitates secure tissue grasping and manipulation.
  • Designed for optimal handling and grip during surgeries.

5. Nasal Speculum Thudicum

  • Offers excellent exposure of the nasal cavity for thorough examination.
  • Ensures clear visualization during nasal procedures.

6. Turbectomy Scissor

  • Enables efficient removal of nasal turbinate tissue.
  • Designed for precise and safe tissue cutting during turbinate reduction.

7. Ferguson Suction Tube

  • Efficiently removes fluids and debris, ensuring clear visibility during procedures.
  • Facilitates a clean surgical field for optimal surgical outcomes.

8. Nasal Speculum Killian

  • Provides superior exposure of the nasal cavity for diagnostic and surgical purposes.
  • Ensures clear visualization and access to nasal structures during procedures.

ET-009 SMR Set ENT

  • ET-009 SMR Set ENT: Essential Instruments for Ear, Nose, and Throat Procedures

    • Ballenger swivel knife
    • howarth elevator
    • killian gouge
    • lucs forceps
    • nasal speculam thudicum
    • turbectomy scissor
    • ferguson suction tube
    • nasal speculam killian
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