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1. APGAR Timer:

  • Facilitates accurate monitoring of newborns' vital signs for comprehensive assessments.


2. Feather Touch Operation:

  • Seamless control through a feather-touch interface, complemented by a large digital display and comprehensive alarms for enhanced usability.


3. Thermistor-based Temperature Sensor:

  • Ensures precise temperature measurement, guaranteeing optimal thermal conditions for newborns.


4. Memory Backup:

  • In the event of a power failure, the system's memory backup restores set temperature and control mode, minimizing user attention and ensuring continuous care.


5. Tiltable Baby Bed:

  • Offers flexibility with Trendelenburg and Fowler's positions, adapting to the unique needs of each infant.


6. Easy Maintenance:

  • Featuring easily removable, unbreakable hinges and acrylic side panels, ensuring effortless cleaning for subsequent usages.


7. Versatile Heater Module:

  • Pivots 90 degrees in either direction, allowing for seamless procedures such as X-rays without disturbing the baby.


8. Inbuilt Cabinet Facility:

  • Provides convenient storage for essential records, streamlining organizational efficiency.

GY-001 Phototherapy For Neonates

  • Introducing Micro-processor controlled Infant Warming System – a pinnacle of innovation in neonatal care. This advanced system offers two distinct modes of operation: Servo Skin and Manual.

    • Micro-processor control, dual modes.
    • APGAR Timer, user-friendly design.
    • Thermistor-based accuracy.
    • Memory backup for power failures.
    • Adjustable baby bed, easy maintenance.
    • Versatile Heater Module.
    • Inbuilt cabinet for records.
    • Optional accessories available.
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