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1. Vibrant Display:

  • The P Ultra Pulse Oximeter features an 8'' Color TFT Display, ensuring clear and detailed readings for effective patient monitoring.


2. Precision Monitoring:

  • Accurately measure standard parameters—SPO2 (Blood Oxygen Saturation) and PR (Pulse Rate) for precise observations.


3. Flexible Setup:

  • Adapt to different healthcare environments with versatile solutions like wall mounting and module trolly support.


4. Portable Security:

  • Ensure secure monitoring during patient transport with a 2-3 hour trolley lockup.


5. Universal Applicability:

  • Suitable for a wide range of patients, including adults, pediatrics, and neonates, offering comprehensive monitoring capabilities.


6. Reliable Power and Design:

  • Experience uninterrupted monitoring with AC power and a built-in lithium battery. Weighing just 1.700 kg, its lightweight design allows for easy maneuverability in diverse medical settings.

Sigma Ultra Pulse Oximeter

  • P Ultra Pulse Oximeter—dynamic monitoring with a high-res display, versatile setup, extended trolley lockup, all-patient suitability, dual power, lightweight design, customizable alarms, and central monitoring connectivity.

    • 8'' TFT Display
    • SPO2 & PR Monitoring
    • Versatile Setup: Wall, trolly
    • 2-3hr Trolley Lockup
    • Universal Applicability
    • Dual Power, 1.700 kg
    • Customizable Alarms
    • Central Monitoring Connection
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