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1. Operation Mode: Manual:

  • With a manual operation mode, this ophthalmoscope puts control in the hands of the user, allowing for precise adjustments tailored to individual patient needs.


2. Material: Metal and Fiber:

  • Constructed with a blend of metal and fiber materials, the ophthalmoscope ensures a sturdy build while maintaining a lightweight design for comfortable handling during examinations.


3. Handling: Portable:

  • Engineered for portability, this ophthalmoscope is easy to carry, allowing healthcare professionals to conduct eye examinations with convenience and flexibility.

EY-002 Ophthalmoscope

  • EY-002 Ophthalmoscope, a cutting-edge diagnostic instrument designed for precision and ease of use. Crafted with a combination of metal and fiber materials, ensuring durability and reliability in every examination.

    • Type: Direct
    • Operation Mode: Manual
    • Material: Metal and Fiber
    • Color: Black and Silver
    • Handling: Portable
    • Usage/Application: Hospital
    • Packaging Type: Box Packing
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