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1. Precision Instruments:

  • Crafted with precision, each instrument in the set ensures accuracy and control during nailing procedures, contributing to successful surgical outcomes.


2. Versatile Diamond Pointed Awl:

  • The included Diamond Pointed Awl (KNI62.S) allows for precise and controlled bone preparation, enhancing the surgeon's ability to navigate challenging anatomies.


3. Efficient Extraction Tools:

  • The Extractor with Two Hooks (KNI76) and Extra Hook for Nail Extractor (KNI78) offer efficient and safe nail removal options, ensuring a smooth and effective extraction process.


4. Diverse Driver and Nail Set:

  • The Driver (KNI74) and Nail Set (KNI71) provide versatility in nail placement and fixation, accommodating various surgical requirements.


5. Punch and Gauge for Accuracy:

  • The Punch, Slotted (KNI75), and Gauge for Nail (KNI66) contribute to accurate and controlled procedures, promoting precision in nail placement.


6. Guide Wire Options:

  • The set includes Guide Wires for Nail (7/64 x 14", 5/32 x 14", 3/16 x 14") to facilitate precise drilling and implant placement in various diameters.


7. Efficient K Nail Reamer:

  • The K Nail Reamer (KNI73) and its seven size options (KNI73.07 - KNI73.13) offer efficient reaming for different nail sizes, ensuring compatibility with a range of surgical cases.

OR-007 Nailing Instrument Set

  • OR-007 Nailing Instrument Set is a comprehensive package designed to cater to the diverse needs of nailing procedures, providing surgeons with essential tools for optimal performance.

  •           Instrument Quantity:

    • Diamond Pointed Awl: 1
    • Extractor with Two Hooks: 1
    • Extra Hook for Nail Extractor: 1
    • Driver: 1
    • Nail Set: 1
    • Punch, Slotted: 1
    • Gauge for Nail: 1
    • Guide Wire for Nail (7/64 x 14", 5/32 x 14", 3/16 x 14"): 3
    • K Nail Reamer: 1
    • K Nail Reamer Sizes (7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 mm): 7
    • Aluminium Graphic Case: 1
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