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1. Low Heat Generation:

  • ET-012 Microdrill is equipped with advanced technology to minimize heat generation during operation, ensuring precise drilling without compromising material integrity.


2. Handpieces:

  • The microdrill comes with ergonomic handpieces that enhance user comfort and control, facilitating precise drilling in various applications.


3. Wide Speed Range:

  • With a speed range of 300 to 80,000 rpm, continuously adjustable, this microdrill offers unparalleled versatility.


4. Integrated Warning Function:

  • Equipped with an integrated warning function, the microdrill provides real-time alerts to ensure safe and efficient operation, enhancing user safety and preventing potential hazards.


5. 8 Roller Pump:

  • Inclusion of an 8 roller pump further enhances the efficiency and reliability of the microdrill, ensuring consistent performance and optimal fluid delivery during drilling operations.


6. Compatibility:

  • ET-012 Microdrill is compatible with all SPIGGLE&THEIS HighSpeed accessories, offering seamless integration and enhanced functionality for specialized drilling tasks.


7. Compact Low-Vibration Motor:

  • Featuring a compact low-vibration motor capable of reaching speeds of up to 80,000 rpm, this microdrill delivers exceptional performance while minimizing vibrations for precise and controlled drilling.

ET-012 Microdrill (Mestroid)

  • ET-012 Microdrill (Mestroid),engineered with state-of-the-art technology and designed for optimal performance, this microdrill boasts an array of features tailored to meet the demands of modern manufacturing.

    • Low heat generation
    • Sturdy Design
    • Light weight
    • handpieces
    • 300-80,000 rpm, continuously
    • Integrated warning function
    • 8 roller pump
    •  Compatible with all SPIGGLE&THEIS HighSpeed
    • Compact low-vibration motor with up to 80,000 rpm
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