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1. Mobility and Stability:

  • Tubular frame with 125 mm dia central locking castors for easy movement and stability during critical moments.


2. Patient Comfort:

  • Three-section top made of Bakelite Sheet paired with a 3-section mattress ensures maximum comfort for expecting mothers.


3. Versatile Positioning:

  • Effortlessly switch between Trendelenburg, Reverse Trendelenburg, and standard positions using the gas spring mechanism.


4. Height Adjustability:

  • Hydraulic pump facilitates seamless height adjustment, adapting to the ergonomic needs of healthcare professionals.


5. Back Section Flexibility:

  • Crank mechanism enables easy adjustment of the back section for enhanced patient care.


6. Space Optimization:

  • Leg end section can slide under the main section, optimizing space in the delivery room.


7. Flexible Birthing Positions:

  • Equipped with a pair of Upholstery Lithotomy positions, enhancing flexibility during childbirth.

Labour Delivery Hydraulic Bed

  • Elevate the birthing experience with our Labour Delivery Hydraulic Bed -a reliable and efficient solution for modern labor and delivery rooms.

    • Compact: 1880L x 660W x 600 - 800H mm
    • Mobile: Tubular frame, 125mm castors
    • Comfort: Bakelite top, 3-section mattress
    • Adjust: Gas spring (Trendelenburg), Hydraulic pump (Height)
    • Save space: Sliding leg end section
    • Versatile: Upholstery Lithotomy positions
    • Accessories: S.S. IV Rod, Detachable Tray
    • Option: All Stainless Steel (S.S.) available
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