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1. Sturdy Construction:

  • Made from robust CRC sheet, this cabinet offers exceptional strength and stability, providing a secure storage solution for valuable instruments.


2. Secure Enclosure:

  • Featuring a front glass door and glass shelves, this cabinet offers visibility and easy access to stored items while maintaining a secure enclosure, safeguarding instruments from dust and damage.


3. Pre-treated and Epoxy Powder Coated:

  • Prior to finishing, the cabinet undergoes a pre-treatment process to enhance its resistance against corrosion and rust.


4. Versatile Configuration:

  • Cabinet is available in two configurations - with three side closed and a single front glass door, or with five shelves and double doors, providing flexibility to suit various storage needs and spatial requirements.

Instrument Cabinet

  • Instrument Cabinet, meticulously designed to meet the rigorous demands of organizing and safeguarding instruments in various settings. Crafted from high-quality CRC sheet, this cabinet boasts durability and reliability.

    •  Made from CRC sheet three side closed
    •  Front glass door and glass shelves
    •  Pre-treated and Epoxy Powder Coated
    •  Approx. size : 63” x 24" x 78”
    •  Also available in five shelves Double Door
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