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1. Holistic Healing:

  • Benefit from targeted electrotherapy that addresses specific areas, promoting faster recovery and improved health.


2. Clinic and Hospital-Grade:

  • Trusted by healthcare professionals, the PH-003 is a reliable choice for physiotherapy sessions in both clinics and hospitals.


3. Simple Yet Effective:

  • The machine's straightforward design ensures hassle-free usage, emphasizing a seamless experience for users.


4. Enhanced Well-Being:

  • From pain management to improved mobility, the PH-003 contributes to a holistic improvement in your overall health.

PH-003 IFT Machine

25 000,00₹價格
  • PH-003 IFT Machine – your go-to companion for physiotherapy sessions at clinics and hospitals alike. Designed with simplicity in mind, this device effortlessly integrates into your wellness routine

    • Treats you with electro therapy
    • Used for physio therapy at clinics and hospitals a like
    • Is easy to use due to the simple design
    • Have effective changes and improves health
    • Keeps you active and full of energy
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