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1.Test Method:

  • Biochromatic, Dual Wavelength


  • * Inbuilt Thermal Printer (57mm).

3.Suction System:

  • Air Column facility after each sample to avoid carry over.

4.Thermal System:

  • Peltier Regulated 25°C, 30°C, 37°C & Room Temperature.

5.Optical System:

  • Light Source: 6 V 10 W Long Life tungsten Halogen Lamp

ICHEM - Semi Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer

  • A sophisticated laboratory instrument designed to analyze various biochemical parameters in biological samples. semi-automatic analyzers require some manual intervention, such as sample loading and reagent preparation.

    • Real time colored graph and absorbance
    • Windows Embedded Compact 7
    • 7" Inch True Color Touch Screen
    • 300 Programmable Test
    • 1,000 Result Storage With Editable Patient Information
    • Universal Power Supply (external Power Adaptor)
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