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1. Machine Operation Control:

  • Fully Automatic by PID Controller for hands-free operation.
  • Manual Operation by Multi Port Valve for personalized control and flexibility.


2. Machine Operational Interface:

  • Soft Touch Buttons for a user-friendly experience.
  • Multi Port Valve for manual control, allowing customization as needed.


3. Sterilizing Temperature:

  • Operating at a precise temperature of 121°C, ensuring thorough sterilization of medical instruments and equipment.


4. Sterile Hold Time:

  • Adjustable hold time ranging from a minimum of 15 minutes to maximum, providing flexibility to meet specific sterilization requirements.


5. Chamber Pressure at Sterilization:

  • Maintains a chamber pressure of 1.2 bar during the sterilization process, ensuring optimal conditions for efficient sterilization.


6. Dual Operation Mode:

  • Capable of running in both manual and automatic modes, offering adaptability to diverse sterilization needs. 


7. Air Filter Efficiency:

  • The machine's air filter is designed to remove 99.97% of pathogens, enhancing the overall hygiene of the sterilization process.

OT-001 Horizontal High Pressure Stream Sterilizer

  • OT-001 Horizontal High Pressure Steam Sterilizer – a versatile and efficient solution designed to meet the highest standards of hygiene in healthcare environments.

    • Fully Automatic & Manual Control
    • Soft Touch Buttons & Multi Port Valve Interface
    • Sterilizing Temp: 121°C, Hold Time: 15 min+
    • Chamber Pressure: 1.2 bar
    • Dual Operation Modes: Manual & Automatic
    • Air Filter: 99.97% Pathogen Removal
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