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1. Versatile Plaster Cutting:

  • Cut all types of plaster bandages with ease, making it an essential tool for orthopedic procedures.


2. Durable Alloy Blade:

  • The alloy blade is crafted for prolonged use, providing longevity and consistent performance.


3. High-Frequency Oscillation:

  • Frequency of swing ≥ 12500/min, with a swing range of 5°, ensuring precise and efficient cutting.


4. Low Noise Operation:

  • Total optimized mechanical structure and parts design result in low noise operation, promoting a conducive surgical environment.


5. Safety and Reliability:

  • The function of parenchyma protection ensures safe and reliable operation, prioritizing patient safety.


6. Versatile Material Compatibility:

  • Suited for cutting macromolecule plastic material, expanding its applications beyond plaster removal.


7. Skin-Friendly Design:

  • High-speed saw blade vibration system prevents skin scratches, oscillating smoothly from left to right with a 5.6 amplitude.

OR-003 Electric Plaster Cutting Saw

  • OR-003 Electric Plaster Cutting Saw – your reliable partner in precision and efficiency for plaster removal. Designed with cutting-edge features, this electric plaster saw ensures optimal performance for medical professionals.

    • Swing frequency ≥ 12500/min, swing range 5°.
    • Power supply: AC 220V, 50Hz (or AC110V, 60Hz).
    • Input power: 125W.
    • Low noise with optimized structure.
    • Safe parenchyma protection function.
    • Cuts macromolecule plastic material.
    • Basic surgical equipment, effective for all bandage types.
    • High-speed saw blade vibration ensures skin safety.
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