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1. High-Quality Paper:

  • Crafted from premium-grade paper with a density of 70 gsm, this graph paper ensures optimal durability and minimal distortion during ECG recording. 


2. Generous Sheet Quantity:

  • Each pack contains 100 sheets of A4 size graph paper, offering an ample supply for routine ECG monitoring, diagnostic procedures, and patient care.


3. Standard A4 Size:

  • The graph paper is formatted to A4 size dimensions, providing a standardized and universally recognized format for ECG recording. 


4. Distinctive Color Coding:

  • Featuring a classic white background with contrasting red grid lines, this graph paper offers enhanced visibility and readability of ECG waveforms. 

ECG Machine A4 size Graph Paper

  • Experience unparalleled precision and clarity in electrocardiogram (ECG) recordings with our ECG Machine A4 Size Graph Paper.

    • 100 Sheets
    • Paper Density: 70 gsm
    • Paper Size: A4
    • White, Red Color
    • ECG Machine Graph Paper
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