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1. Double Air Rotor Point:

  • Experience enhanced efficiency and productivity with the Double Air Rotor Point feature, which ensures a consistent and powerful airflow, providing the precision required for various dental procedures.


2. Comprehensive Tools: 

  • Compressor comes equipped with essential tools, including One 3-way Syringe, One Micromotor Point, One Suction, and a Doctor Stool. This comprehensive set ensures that you have everything you need at your fingertips for seamless dental care.


3. Glass Spittoon Bowl:

  • Glass Spittoon Bowl is designed for easy maintenance and cleanliness. Its durable and hygienic construction makes it a reliable component for maintaining a sterile and professional environment in your dental practice.


4. LED Sensor Light:

  • Illuminate your workspace with precision using the LED Sensor Light. Enjoy optimal visibility during dental procedures, ensuring accuracy and attention to detail.


5. LED X-Ray Viewer: 

  • Dental compressor is equipped with an LED X-Ray Viewer, providing a clear and detailed view of X-ray images. This feature enhances diagnostics and treatment planning, contributing to a higher standard of patient care.

DT-015 Dental Oil Free Compressor

  • Introducing the DT-051 Dental Oil-Free Compressor - your go-to solution for precision, efficiency, and unmatched performance in dental care. Designed with cutting-edge features to elevate your dental practice to new heights.

    • Double Air Rotor Point
    • One 3way Syring
    • One Micromotor Point
    • One Suction
    • Doctor Stool
    • Glass Spritton Bowl
    • LED Sensor Light
    • LED X-Ray Viewer
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