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1. High-Quality Construction:

  • DT-010 Dental Hot Air Sterilizer is housed in a high-quality cold-rolled steel case with an electrostatic spraying surface. 


2. Favin Stainless Steel Working Room:

  • Working room is crafted from Favin stainless steel, featuring a unique foursquare semicircle transition.
  • Adjustable shelf, air duct lateral plate, and bottom heater covering are designed with a knock-down construction for easy cleaning, promoting a hygienic environment.


3. Intelligent Temperature Control:

  • Equipped with a PID digital intelligent temperature controller, the DT-010 offers precise temperature setting, dual-screen time display, over-temperature alarming, and timing functionality.


4. Optimized Heater and Fan Placement: 

  • Heater and fan are strategically placed under the working room, promoting efficient sterilization.
  • Circulation fan automatically closes when the target temperature is reached, preventing powdery samples from blowing away.


5. Safety Features:

  • DT-010 comes with an independent temperature limiter alarm for auto-switching with the temperature controller, ensuring an additional layer of safety.
  • Air-tightness adjustable buckle lock door guarantees excellent sealability, safeguarding your sterilization processes.

DT-010 Dental Hot Air Sterilizer

  • Upgrade your sterilization protocols with the DT-010 Dental Hot Air Sterilizer - where high-quality construction meets intelligent technology for optimal efficiency and safety in your dental practice.

    • High-quality steel, electrostatic spraying
    • Favin stainless steel, easy-clean design
    • PID digital intelligent controller
    • Under working room, auto-closes fan
    • Independent Temperature Limiter, Air-tightness
    • Optional Accessories: RS485/232, Micro Printer, Power Cut Alarm, Temp Limit Alarm
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