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1. Compact and Easy to Operate:

  • Streamlined design for user convenience, ensuring easy operation and storage.


2. User-Friendly Humidifier:

  • Carefully designed humidifier for a seamless and comfortable experience.


3. Auto ON & Auto OFF:

  • Smart functionality with automatic ON and OFF features for hassle-free use.


4. Wide Pressure Range:

  • Pressure range from 0 to 35, catering to diverse respiratory needs.


5. Versatile Modes:

  • Advanced modes including T, S/T, PC, and TVAPS for tailored respiratory support.


6. Data Retrieval and Analysis:

  • Software capabilities to retrieve over 365 days of data, facilitating physical review and compliance monitoring. Additional features include repair output, print, and e-mail functions.


7. Lightweight Design:

  • Weighing only 0.95 kg (without humidifier), the BIPAP 35 T is easily portable for flexible use.

BIPAP 35 T with Humidifier

  • Experience the next level of respiratory care with the BIPAP 35 T – where advanced features meet user-friendly design for optimal comfort and performance.

    • Compact and easy to operate
    • User-friendly humidifier design
    • Auto ON & Auto OFF
    • Pressure range: 0 to 35
    • Advanced modes: T, S/T, PC, TVAPS
    • Software retrieves >365 days of data
    • Includes repair output, print, and e-mail functions
    • Lightweight: 0.95 kg (without humidifier)
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