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1. Mini and Exquisite Design:

  • The DT-012 Apex Locator combines compactness with elegance, ensuring a sleek and professional appearance. 


2. Vibrant 2.4-Inch LCD Display:

  • Enjoy a vivid and colorful segment display on the 2.4-inch LCD screen, providing clear visuals for precise measurements.


3. Extended Working Hours:

  • With a powerful 1500mA battery, the DT-012 ensures longer working hours, minimizing interruptions during critical procedures.


4. Versatile Theme Styles:

  • Tailor your device to your preference with two theme styles - choose between the classic Black or the pristine White to match your workspace aesthetics.


5. Power-Saving Mode:

  • DT-012 is designed with efficiency in mind. Activate the power-saving mode to optimize battery life, ensuring reliable performance throughout your workday.


6. Automatic Shutdown:

  • Forget about manual shutdowns. DT-012 Apex Locator is equipped with an intelligent automatic shutdown feature that activates after 5 minutes of inactivity, preserving energy and promoting safety.

DT-012 Apex Locator

  • Experience unparalleled accuracy and efficiency with our cutting-edge DT-012 Apex Locator. Crafted for dental professionals, this mini and exquisite tool boasts a range of features that elevate your endodontic procedures.

    • Mini and exquitsite appearance
    • 2.4 inch LCD ,colorful segment
    • 1500mA battery provide longer working hour
    • Two Theme Stlye:Black,White
    • Power-saving mode
    • Automatic shutdown without operation for 5 minutes
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