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1. Efficient Air Separation:

  • Maximize cleanliness and hygiene with a powerful air velocity that effectively separates indoor and outdoor air.


2. Customizable Performance:

  • Adjustable RPM and high CFM provide flexibility, allowing you to tailor the air curtain's performance to your specific requirements.


3. Durable and Compact:

  • Sturdy MS Powder Coated construction ensures longevity, while the compact design fits seamlessly into diverse spaces.


4. Whisper-Quiet Operation:

  • Enjoy the benefits of powerful air circulation without compromising on peace – the low noise operation maintains a tranquil environment.

OT-006 Air Curtain

  • Transform your spaces with the powerful and efficient OT-006 Air Curtain, designed to redefine air circulation and hygiene. Experience a refreshing breeze of features that make this air curtain an essential addition to your environment.

    • Max. Air velocity at Nozzle: 21 m/s
    • Power (W): 560 W
    • RPM (Max/ Min): 2700 / 2100
    • CFM: 1100
    • Body Material: MS Powder Coated
    • Dimension (mm): 1200 x 230 x 212
    • Noise Level dB:  60 – 70 db
    • No. of Blowers: 4
    • No. of Motors: 2
    • Blower Material: ABS
    • Phase: Single
    • Effective height: Below 11 feet
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