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1. ABS Framework:

  • Crafted from high-quality ABS material, this trolley boasts exceptional strength and durability while remaining lightweight for effortless maneuverability. 


2. Five Drawers for Medicine:

  • Equipped with five spacious drawers, this trolley provides ample storage space for organizing a wide range of medical supplies and medications. 


3. Provision for Oxygen Cylinder:

  • The trolley includes a provision for securely holding an oxygen cylinder, constructed from durable MS material. 


4. Stainless Steel Shelves with Railings:

  • Featuring stainless steel shelves with railings, the trolley offers additional storage options for medical equipment, ensuring stability and preventing items from shifting during transport. 


5. Stainless Steel IV Rod:

  • Equipped with a stainless steel IV rod, the trolley facilitates the secure mounting of intravenous bags, allowing for efficient fluid administration during medical procedures. 

ABS Medicine Trolley

  • ABS Medicine Trolley, designed to streamline medical storage and accessibility in healthcare facilities. With its innovative design and premium materials, this trolley offers unparalleled functionality.

    • Overall approx. size : 750x520x960mm
    •  ABS framework with five draws for medicine
    •  Provision to hold oxygen cylinder made up of M.S.
    •  S.S. shelves with railings to carry medical equipment
    •  Provided with S.S. l.V. Rod, corner buffers
    • Mounted on 125 mm dia. castors 2 with brakes
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