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1. Radiation Protection:

  • Crafted to safeguard technicians from the inherent dangers of radiation exposure during X-ray imaging.


2. Mobile Design:

  • The lead screen, encapsulated between two durable metal sheets, offers mobility, allowing technicians to position it strategically for optimal safety.


3. Shutter or Lead Glass:

  • Equipped with a shutter or lead glass, the XR-020 ensures precise patient positioning while providing a clear line of sight for technicians to impart instructions.

XR-020 X-ray Protective Lead Screen

25 000,00₹Prix
  • XR-020 X-ray Protective Lead Screen – an indispensable shield against radiation hazards during X-ray procedures. Prioritize safety in your radiology practices

    • Model : XR-020
    • Usage : Hospital, Clinic
    • Dimension (in Feet): 6X3 Ft.
    • Lead Equivalence (in mm) : 1.5mm
    • Application: Hospital 
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