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1. Versatile Specimen Compatibility:

  • Experience flexibility in testing with the AR-100 Protein Analyzer's ability to accommodate peripheral whole blood, vein whole blood, serum, plasma, and urine specimens.


2. Efficient Test Management:

  • Enhance your testing workflow with automatic numbering capabilities, ranging from 1 to 999 for the same test and for more efficiency, the AR-100 supports an optional barcode scanner for seamless integration.


3. Adjustable Parameters for Precision:

  • Tailor your testing experience with adjustable parameters, including a customizable range of 00.00-99.99% for test results, 1-50 times for repetitions, and a testing duration of 20-120 seconds.


4. User-Friendly Interface:

  • Navigate with ease using the AR-100's 5.5-inch LCD touch screen, providing an intuitive and user-friendly experience for operators.


5. Connectivity Options:

  • Stay connected and enhance your data management with 3 RS232C interfaces. which support data transmission, connection to an external printer, and compatibility with an external barcode scanner.


6. Adaptable Power Supply:

  • With support for both AC 100V-240V and DC 12V, the AR-100 ensures reliable power options, adapting to various settings and requirements.

AR-100 Protein Analyzer

60 000,00₹Prix
  • Elevate your testing experience with the AR-100 Protein Analyzer, a product designed for adaptability, efficiency, and precision. Discover the next level in specimen testing with this cutting-edge solution.

    • Handles various specimens efficiently.
    • Automatic numbering (1-999), optional barcode scanner.
    • Adjustable parameters for precision (00.00-99.99%, 1-50 times, 20-120 sec/test).
    • User-friendly 5.5-inch LCD touch screen.
    • Seamless connectivity with 3 RS232C interfaces.
    • Adaptable power supply: AC 100V-240V/DC 12V.
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