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1. Versatile Operation:

  • Precision with a 3-way syringe, micromotor point, and double air rotor for efficient dental care.


2. Effortless Control:

  • Multifunctional foot control streamlines chair adjustments, providing seamless operation.


3. Patient Comfort:

  • Imported press-adjustable headrest ensures personalized comfort, creating a relaxed environment.


4. Flexibility and Precision:

  • Vertically and horizontally movable instrument arms allow optimal positioning for precise treatments.


5. Hygiene and Convenience:

  • Glass bowl spittoon with an auto water system ensures a clean and organized workspace.


6. Practitioner Comfort:

  • Dr. stool with pneumatic piston for height adjustment offers ergonomic seating for practitioners.


7. Illumination Excellence:

  • LED light with high and low intensity settings ensures clear visibility during procedures. Sensor system enables hands-free control.

DT-017 Fully Electric Pulse Dental Chair

95 000,00₹Prix
  • DT-017 Fully Electric Pulse Dental Chair, a state-of-the-art solution packed with advanced features for precision and comfort, this dental chair ensures a seamless experience for both practitioners and patients.

    • One 3 way syring
    • One micromotor point
    • Double air rotor point
    • Multifunctional foot control
    • Imported press adjustable headrest
    • Vertically and horizontally Movable instrument arms
    • Glass bowl spittoon with auto water system
    • Dr. Stool with pneumatic piston for height adjustment
    • Led light having high and low intensity with sensor system
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